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Fastest growing element of US garbage stream

Force Multiply Action:

1st social impact marketing agency to be designated "e-Stewards Enterprise" to promote responsible recycling practices of electronic waste (e-waste)

Historic effort to unite the video game industry to rally and inspire responsible electronics management, partnering with BAN - Basil Action Network, a global leader in environmental justice and sustainable production


Unite an Industry Wide Multi-Media Awareness Campaign - launch Jan 1 2015

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SEATTLE, Wash. AND EXCELSIOR, Minn. (September 30, 2014) – Leading environmental organizations, The Certified e-Stewards® Initiative and Basel Action Network (BAN), today applauded WarpSpeed Innovations, Inc.’s decision to become an “e-Stewards Enterprise” and enthusiastically embrace the commitment to pursue environmentally responsible recycling practices for electronic waste (e-waste).

Additionally, WarpSpeed and BAN will partner to promote, for the first time in history, a comprehensive focus to rally and inspire responsible electronics management within the $100+ billion global video gaming community.

“At this pivotal moment in the worldwide e-waste crisis, we are excited to be working with WarpSpeed Innovations and its founder, Lou Raiola, who will bring us into the video gaming sphere,” said Jim Puckett, Executive Director of BAN and creator of the e-Stewards program. “Through their innovative ability and the compelling video gaming brand, Force Multiply Gaming, WarpSpeed will help us pilot an entire industry to ensure greater impact in the fight against e-waste.”

The e-Stewards® Initiative is the world’s first third-party audited, accredited international certification program for electronics recyclers that prohibits the export of e-waste to developing countries and enjoys the support of more than 70 environmental organizations. BAN is the world’s only organization focused on confronting the global environmental injustice of toxic waste exports and their devastating impacts.

E-waste is the fastest growing part of the U.S. garbage stream. According to Time Magazine, Americans discard more than 350,000 cell phones and 130,000 computers every day. When improperly disposed of or processed in developing countries, the lead, mercury and other toxic materials inside e-waste can poison workers and communities around the world and do irreparable harm to the environment.

WarpSpeed Innovations, Inc. will promote e-Stewards Certified electronics management through its marketing platform and brand Force Multiply Gaming – a movement for uniting the video gaming industry and the non-profit communities to work together to bring social change.

“The video game industry has an opportunity to lead a critical cultural shift with respect to the replacement and proper handling of used electronics,” said Lou Raiola, Founder and CEO of WarpSpeed. “E-Stewards is the best in class certification to ensure that e-waste is recycled ethically by responsible certified recyclers. We’re energized to work with e-Stewards to unite the gaming industry’s key constituents to make some real change in this world.”

As an e-Stewards Enterprise, WarpSpeed also agrees to always make best efforts to use e-Stewards Recyclers for any of its e-Waste.. E-Stewards Recyclers undergo a professional audit every year to guarantee they do not export hazardous recycling byproducts to developing countries, use U.S. prison labor, or dump in municipal landfills. E-Stewards recyclers also ensure that private data is kept secure, and that their operations protect both workers and the environment everywhere.

The complete list of e-Stewards Enterprises is available here: http://www.e-stewards.org/enterprise/current-e-stewards-enterprises/

About e-Stewards® Certification
The e-Stewards® Initiative is a market-based solution to help individuals and organizations identify and promote those electronics recyclers that ensure that used electronics are managed with the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. e-Stewards Certified Recyclers are audited and certified to ensure highest levels of responsibility and e-Stewards Enterprises are major corporations, municipalities or institutions that agree to make best efforts to make use of e-Stewards Certified Recyclers. For more information about the e-Stewards Initiative visit: www.e-Stewards.org

About the Basel Action Network
Founded in 1997, the Basel Action Network is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Seattle, Wash. BAN is one of the world's foremost advocates for environmental justice and sustainable production. Its programs in electronic waste and green ship recycling are leading forces to turn global industries away from cheap and dangerous disposal methods to socially and environmentally just alternatives that are practical and also minimize business risk and liability. For more information, visit: www.ban.org

About WarpSpeed Innovations, Inc.
WarpSpeed Innovations Inc. is one of three companies that comprise, WarpSpeed Connection, a leading social impact marketing agency. WarpSpeed Innovations recognizes the convergence of technology and social responsibility. The company brings business development planning and activation to new channels by enhancing with celebrity support and non-profit integration. WarpSpeed Innovation specializes in the ability to accelerate market adoption and consumer awareness of new products and services. Based in Excelsior, MN, WarpSpeed also has an office in Nashville, TN. For more information, www.warpspeedconnection.com

About Force Multiply Gaming by WarpSpeed Innovations Inc.
Force Multiply Gaming, a pioneering brand and marketing platform of WarpSpeed Innovations Inc., is a strategically focused movement to be the catalyst for uniting the global video game industry with non-profit communities. Key pillars of focus include electronics recycling; corporate social responsibility; cause marketing; STEM to STEAM education; fitness education; inclusion and diversity; and community relations. Force Multiply Gaming promotes “Play With Purpose” and engages constituents to join forces to multiply their social impact for good. For more information, visit www.forcemultiplygaming.com.

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